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I’m reading Flow at the moment, I’m looking at whats going on at Stoos, I’m recalling my different work experiences… and I’m thinking what might be wrong with the world at work.

Perhaps the problem with management these days is not just a problem of management. What if we also contributed by accepting the unacceptable status quo, by remaining silent when we should speak up, by holding on to a job we should have left long time ago? By forgoing the fundamental rights we should have had at work? Like these rights that just came to my mind:

  • right to respect and dignity
  • right to express my opinion
  • right to influence my work
  • right to enjoy my work
  • right to be happy

Yes. I have a right to enjoy my work. If I don’t enjoy my work it is my duty to speak up. It is my duty to take action, support change or leave the current employer. Regardless of my position, regardless of my title, regardless of my responsibilities.

I think of these rights not only as entitlement though, but also as an opportunity, a challenge, an obligation (via @auxbuss) and a direction. I can’t expect these to just happen to me, I have to consciously invest my psychic energy to continually improve in the direction they indicate.

What if we all did that?

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No, the title doesn’t seem right.

I don’t feel like working at Energized Work or even with Energized Work. This would imply, that it’s something already created that I come to, that it exists externally, that is’s someone else’s where I simply come to work. It would feel like shopping at a supermarket – the shop is not mine, the relationship is not equal, the roles are predefined.

Energized Work work feels more balanced, more symmetrical, respectful and understanding. Where we all come together to create a whole “larger then the sum of individuals”.

No, I don’t work at Energized Work – I work as a member of the Energized Work crew. That reflects what I feel much better.

Three factors contributed significantly to my ending up with these guys, just like the drivetime “Top Tenuous”: volcanoes, Bletchley Park and twitter, and one person – Paul Dolman-Darrall. It started with the “Land of the free” presentation by Simon and Gus…and the rest is history 😉

I work as a member of the Energized Work crew because…

  • I had absolutely no experience of Grails and only limited of Java when I came for the interview and it didn’t matter – tools and frameworks don’t matter, years of experience don’t matter – it’s the mindset, the personality and learning that matters.
  • The interview, wasn’t an interview at all – it was “an audition” – or simply a day pairing with people in the lab. Working alone doesn’t work – working together, in pairs when needed, works.
  • Agile, Lean, Kanban, Systems Thinking are not just concepts or ideas, they shape how we work everyday, and we experiment, and try, and fail, and succeed – always to deliver better software more effectively to delight our customers
  • work is fun and fun is work; or have you seen our Nerf armoury?
  • we run a book club and have a community to discuss our thoughts and learning from the reading
  • Energized Work raison d’être is not to write software, it is to delight our customers and create an environment where we can all become better

I work as a member of the Energized Work crew because working here motivates me to continuously discover, examine and understand what I do and why I work here (and to have written this blog post).

Thank you guys!