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On Tuesday I have had a very interesting evening. It was time for the ALE Bathtub IV conference – Christmas Edition, the informal, webinar-style event organised by the ALE network as yet another way to share ideas and grow the network. Catia, who lead the organisational effort this time, invited me to contribute and, with some trepidation, I agreed.

I’m glad I did.

Despite some technical problems with citrix I’ve managed to share my ideas with others and they seem to have been very well received. Thank you very much for listening.

If you missed some of the slides, or would like a reminder, here is the prezi about “Where Bad Code Comes From”

I’ll try to take the ideas presented here further and let you see the presentation live at the next event near you 🙂

I keep thinking of @‘s difficult conversation thing. Sometimes I just can’t face the long, involved discussion w/ our PO. But must.



@ Great talk. Got me thinking #alebathtub


Sandra Warmolts

Bravo @ ! That was probably one of the #alebathtub alltime highs!


Michael Leber

@ great talk at #ALEBathtub!!! You made my day!!!


Thorsten O. Kalnin

lol @ presentations is awesome #ALEBathtub


Catia Oliveira