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I bumped into this video on Facebook (via Murray). It’s supposed to be an experiment whereby parents gave their kids a terrible present and watched the reaction.

I’m not sure I would want to give my child a half-eaten sandwich. Still the kid’s reactions do make us laugh.

It also made me think.

Why do we find these kids funny? They just honestly express their disgust at a disappointing gift. Does that happen in real life?


Remember the last time you got a shoddy watch with a company logo for your 5th anniversary on the job? A pen to celebrate gaining a company-wide accreditation? The Christmas bonus so embarrassing you quickly donated it to charity? Maybe a golden star for a project well delivered (that is after you ruined your Christmas, Easter and summer holidays working late)? The stars I remember were glass.

Did you honestly like any of these gifts?

Maybe you’re lucky and the new cuff links with the company logo really are nice.

Or do you have the skills to tactfully yet truthfully, with respect, speak about these terrible presents?

Maybe then we wouldn’t find these kids nearly as funny. Perhaps they can offer us a valuable lesson.



  1. This is very akin to another problem in business, when the boss pick out one person to single out for praise in front of all the rest of the team or business. It is very rare in business that one person succeeded by themselves.

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