alacrity in action

In a few hours I will be flying to Berlin and I really can’t wait.

After only a few months of intense and often frantic preparations the ALE2011 unconference is as ready as can be.

Whatever happens next, for me, it has already been a fantastic journey with Oana, Olaf, Franck, Andrea, Ivana, Marc and the numerous other practitioners and enthusiasts of modern software development thinking. From a wild idea to a pan European event with over 200 people, in record time, is a feat only possible through the energetic interactions of committed individuals driven by a common goal.
To have been part of those interactions was to experience in practice and at first hand many of the values, ideas and techniques that software development community is increasingly aiming for, to build better software more quickly.
It doesn’t, however, happen without people who are full of passion, energy, ideas and stand ready to act accepting the risks and responsibilities constantly stepping out of our comfort zones. This experience will, no doubt, help me improve how I work with people.
As I land in Berlin I will now be looking forward to even more goodness:

  • First and foremost I’m really looking forward to meeting in person, for the first time, all the people I have only met in our long Skype conversions, through twitter and emails
  • I know I will also have a chance to meet new interesting and inspiring people
  • Some of my friends will be there, so we’ll have a chance to catch up

I’m hoping to bring back three new inspirations from #ALE2011 to spark more learning and deepen understanding.
For the next three days I will immerse myself into the melting pot of European Agile and Lean community.

See you there!


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