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We have just came back from our family summer holidays. We have had a great time. I like going away but not because it’s a break from work. I like going away because I can continue doing exactly what I do at work – visit, explore and learn. It’s only better because I can do it with my family and mostly closer to nature than I normally get.

This year, from our travels across Europe to Poland, we have managed to bring back the following new discoveries:

  • new route onto the continent, via a StenaLine ferry from Harwich to Holland, with a comfortable nigth at the sea
  • little gem of a medieval town of Rinteln as we wanted a lunch break away from the motorway


  • Kanban systems used in small seaside bars by the Baltic in Poland, one even with a visual board
  • completely new taste of sweets (we tried ice-cream and a drink) of waldmeister (woodruff), thanks to Stefan

Waldmeister drink

  • pretty medieval town of Lübeck, where our favourite marzipan comes from, thanks to inspiration from Olaf
  • interesting port city of Rotterdam that we will aim visit again thanks to Jurgen
  • that good friendships stand the test of time and you can feel like you’ve met two weeks ago after 5 years!
  • that you can travel with 3 children (aged 10 months, 10 months and 3 years) in one car for 8 hours without a DVD and survive

Now back to discovering software and more about people.

Sunset in the village we stayed.



  1. I love that you even found kanban boards! Sounds like a lovely trip.

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