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Lindesberg from flickr by Ahopsi

This morning, as I was cycling to work, I have noticed my rear tyre would do with some more air. I stopped by a large supermarket to see if I could buy a bike pump. Having quickly scanned the shelves with DIY and car accessories and some household goods, without much luck, I turned to one of the staff members:

– “Excuse me, do you know if you have any bike pumps?”
– “I’m sorry sir, we don’t. A lot of people are asking about it though…”

It’s not the first time I have had a conversation like that and it always baffles me. Clearly, there is an opportunity for the shop to sell an article. They could make some money or at least attract more customers. Clearly, people who work at the shop know very well about it and yet, it is being lost. The information does not reach the shop manager or they choose to ignore it. Those “at the top” believe they know better to make the right decisions.

I was also shopping at another supermarket. This time I couldn’t find my favourite olives so I asked a member of staff. After a nice conversation he said a lot of people were asking for them and they will be in stock from next week. The member of staff on the shop floor turned out be the shop manager. We regularly shop there now.

So which kind of supermarket is your company?


  1. I have thought about asking my local supermarket to stock Laphroaig, but I would probably still just buy it cheaper online.

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