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Seth Godin is saying that, Dan Pink is saying that, Malcolm Gladwell is saying that, Jurgen Appelo is saying that, I’m saying that:

Your success is entiery the function of your effort! It’s your choice to achive, your choice to win. You are your own and only obstacle to greatness.

For some reason, the message is not getting through yet.

The amount of effort, rigour, discipline that we sometimes get to see those who succeed commit (like the famous 10,000 hours) scares us away, stops us from trying, stops us from even starting. We comfortably hide behind the argument of insufficient talent, lack of resources, unsupporting circumstances or simply lack of luck. There is something else, perhaps even more powerful, that stops us – we’re simply affraid to fail. We don’t have the motivation to try and persevere.

There is a solution.

Make the choice. Start. Set yourself a goal. A small, achivable goal. Focus and work. Deliver. When the first goal is achieved, set the next one, slightly larger, perhaps more difficult. Repeat.

If you go over the first hurdle, if you work-through the first failures, the initial problems, interesting things may start to happen.

As you put effort in and achieve your goals you increase your mastery. Then you set new goals which guide you towards a purpose. Since, at the start, you’ve made your own choice and now follow your own decisions you start to feel autonomy. Autonomy. Mastery. Purpose. These are the three cornestones of intrinsic motivation, thus, as the three increase you motivation increases. As you get more motivated it’s easier to put the effort in and you achive more. A virtuous cycle fuelling your success. And all you needed to do, is make that first choice.

Good luck! You will succeed.

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