alacrity in action

I love being part of a community and feel lucky that some three years ago I have discovered the agile* community in the UK and now also across Europe. The people I meet are a constant source of inspiration for me. Today I read a very interesting snippet from Olaf‘s blog post which strongly resonated with me:

I value human interaction, open sharing of knowledge and experiences, and I love to enable teams and organisations to work more effectively. I am an agile coach. Being a coach is more like a mission than a job. I want to make a difference. Lead by example, teach and mentor agile values and practices, give honest feedback, these are things I do, and love, but they’re taking a lot of energy. Occasionally I get feedback from clients that gives me positive energy, but generally the energy flows from me into the organisations and teams I work with. To not loose momentum and run out of power, I need the community to replenish. And I found out by experiment that giving to the community is the best, most effective and fastest way to get that energy.

I can identify with many of Olaf’s thoughts and yes, I find giving back to the community, talking to people and being able to make even a small different very energising indeed. I encourage you to try as well!

* Yes, using the word “agile” as a label here is a gross simplification as I’m sure many of these people would have chosen a different name (or no label at all). Think of it as a model in my head.

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