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There has been an interesting debate going on recently around the software craftsmanship manifesto. Rather than pouring oil into the fire, I just collected some links and resources so you can make your own mind up on the subject. Obviously, this is a rather subjective choice from people I know or follow on Twitter. It is in roughly chronological order as they effectively form a discussion trail.

Programming is not a craft by Dan North (Jan 11)

Software Craftsmanship: More than just a manifesto by Ade Oshineye (Jan 13)

Why I didn’t sign the Software Craftsmanship manifesto by Liz Keogh (Jan 14)

The Thing of Software Development by Michael Feathers (Jan 15)

Enough With The Software Holy Wars! by Jason Gorman (Jan 15)

On craftsmanship by Dan North (Jan 15)

The Shower Monologues: Software Craftsmanship and the Choir – Part 1 by Mike Sutton (Jan 16)

Software Craftsmanship: What its all about. by Robert Martin (Jan 17)

CraftmanshipAndTheCrevasse by Martin Fowler (Jan19)

Software craftsmanship … I want it all by Simon Brown (Jan 19)

If you think I have missed a relevant, interesting link here, please add your comment.


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