alacrity in action
For the last three days our crew at the Energy Lab has been working on a small internal project with guest appearance from J. B. Rainsberger. There are always plenty of opportunities to learn in the lab and pairing with jbrains was certainly such occasion.
I really enjoyed the steady heartbeat of frequent local git check-ins through small steps persistently taking us in the direction of the next slice to check into the project svn repository. Each step always in the right direction providing a drop of satisfaction and encouragement to keep going together with confidence that retracing our steps, if needed, would be very easy. A dozen check-ins in an hour felt like a good start. Indeed it turned out right on the money. When an unexpected bug surfaced we were able to identify, through git bisect command, the right commit and the single offending line very quickly.
The bug was also a stark reminder to always test at least three cases: zero, one, many and J.B. showed how this simple rule is applicable to all the different types of tests.
I also had a good lesson of how to write better tests, tests that are specific (and talk about visitors or readers not just “users”) and focused on just one piece of functionality – thus less prone to being brittle. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to unit test our views, but turns out not to be so simple with grails.
On top of that, a few glimpses of really clean code and effective refactorings through really small steps, and an incidental hint “Shift+F10” uttered whenever I would try to reach for the mouse made it a fun, valuable and thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.
Above all, J.B. is a nice guy to pair with as Simon succinctly put

All that is left to do now is practice, practice and practice.


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