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Today I’ve spent one of the most enjoyable days recently, at least as far as my professional life goes. It all started a couple of days ago when Roy (@RoyOsherove) and Paul (@PDarrall) decided to take advantage of the #ashcloud still lurking over Europe and gather together people who would otherwise have been flying around the globe (with Lean Conference in Atlanta being one of the prime destinations). Thus #openvolcano10 an open space conference was born.
In the truly agile spirit the conference has been put together in a matter of days. Notwithstanding the (mis)fortunate circumstances of many great folks not being overseas it was quite an achievement.
Setting out this morning I was thinking I will blog about some of the talks and share what I’ve learnt. It very quickly became apparent that I will fail. Not because I haven’t learnt much or the speakers where not interesting but on the contrary – I wasn’t prepared for the speed, intensity and diversity of my learning experience – it was fantastic. So I could mention the first session I put together on Agile Analysis joined by Chris (@PapaChrisMatts), or the Rightshifting talk by Bob (@flowchainsensei) or the heated debate on Scrum Master Certification led by Gojko (@gojkoadzic) or his other session on the future of acceptance testing or Robert (@unclebobmartin) getting us to think and discuss functional programming and clojure or Kevlin’s (@KevlinHenney) lightning talk on why we don’t learn from mistakes, or… you can see where this is going.
So instead I’ll just thank everyone who made today’s experience possible – Paul and Rob for stepping-in to organise, all the sponsors for making it a free event: iMeta, Emergent Behaviour, JetBrains, Riverglide and XTC; and to Skills Matter for providing the venue at short notice; Rachel for facilitating the day. Today wouldn’t be the same without all great personalities from the community – those who I’ve met before (Kevlin, Liz, Ian, Anthony, Gojko) those who I had a first change of meeting (Robert, Bob, Jeff, Tom, Rachel, Chris, …) and everyone whose names I didn’t remember yet.
Today we have discovered and experienced a new format for agile technical conferences where everyone had an equal opportunity to participate, speak, contribute, exchange idea, ask questions and get answers. It was a learning experience for everyone.

Having been running around with a camera I have captured a few images that you can now find in the #openvolcano10 flickr set.

Some other links on the conference


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