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As I’ve mentioned I listen to different podcasts every now and then. Some provide useful information, some inspire me, some give food for thought and some are just simply funny (the dull ones I usually rewind). Before Christmas I have found one recording (not among the usual suspects) that looked interesting. I got to it yesterday.

The podcast came from the SE Radio show and is available at the following address: (download mp3)

So now you know – It’s an interview with Uncle Bob – a very clever guy whom I respect, admire and who is a 100% guarantee it will be worth listening two. As always I wasn’t disappointed – but this was probably the most comprehensive and interesting interview with Uncle Bob I have listened to also one that every developer should listen to as you will find out:

  • who is Uncle Bob
  • all about software craftsmanship
  • career paths for developers
  • past, present and future of computer languages
  • static v.s. dynamic languages debate
  • why developers are like lawyers or doctors
  • and why we should never stop learning

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