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Training wheels
Three years of learning.
Spark the Change 2015


LKCE14: The Law of Learning Entropy
Trust. Respect. Relationships.
Spark The Change – day one
Stop writing acceptance criteria
Keep going


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Innovation games at XP Days Benelux 2012
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ACE 2012 – Where Bad Code Comes From
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Office Temperature
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Don’t waste your failures


My Boss Gave Me a Terrible Present
ALE Bathtub IV
Work life balance
Zygmunt Glazer (1922 – 2011)
Ice Cream Sandwich
Building trust requires risk
License and Attribute
A happy marriage.
Valuable divorce
An Unconference Model
I’m back from Berlin
Going to Berlin
Shelf Stackers
Random Riots
Protecting the coastal dunes
Summer Discoveries
Root cause of Kanban failure
Nightmare agile
Agile coach Olaf
Motivation 3.0
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ACE! – The right size conference
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Use your keyboard shorcuts
Reclaim your clipboard in Visual Studio with ReSharper
Build token
Make the invisible – visible
A3 chartering
Software craftsmanship context
Software craftsmanship discussion
Flavour of usability


Pairing with @jbrains
Reading 97TEPSK
WPF drop shadow with Windows DWM API
Is anything wrong with Scrum?
Certified ScrumMaster
Hours of remaining effort
The years of experience fallacy
LeanSSC UK 2010
Job Description
Motivating factors
Object to code serializer
Developer’s flight control
Trusted Advisor
The role of failure
Mobile trust
Change of management
TODO or not to do
Changing headlight bulb in Citroen C4
There is no proxy for trust
Stop measuring defects
Podcast gem from Uncle Bob
Epic Journey and why Gantt Charts don’t Work
Pragmatic Unit Testing


Polish entrepreneurial ingenuity fights post monopoly
Agile driving
Brewing code
Pretty code
I got no questions for my user story
Five layers of obfuscation
The communication pitfalls of agile transformations