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Last Saturday I had a wonderful opportunity to facilitate my first Coach Retreat, the fourth one in a series that Oana and Yves have started. I want to share a few reflections and I’ll start with some important appreciations.

Coach Retreat London

I appreciate Cory for the Code Retreats and Rachel for Coding Dojos – two important ideas that have inspired the format of this Coach Retreat.

I appreciate Oana for combining the two and coming up the details of the format (you should also know that Source Code provided an important inspiration), and for being a great co-facilitator on the day and providing me space to own this event.

I appreciate Yves for providing me with the opportunity to facilitate this event and for promoting it across… the world (naturally, Yves would aim for nothing less).

I appreciate Skills MatterWendy for providing us with a great venue and a warm welcome and Oana who spent her Saturday looking after us and making us feel at home.

Last but not least I want to appreciate the participants who waded through the streaks of rain in the unholy hours of the Saturday morning and through their enthusiasm, engagement and energy created and amazing day for all of us.

The idea of a Coach Retreat is that we pick one coaching scenario for the whole day and apply a set of different techniques to practice how they help work with the person being coached and guide them to the solution of their problem. The aim is not to solve the problem exposed in the scenario (that would simply be practice) but to examine how we apply the techniques and get better at some aspects of it (making it a deliberate practice).

Aha boardI was really impressed how powerful and effective this format proved to be on Saturday. I was worried people will not want to get over the same scenario many times, I was worried they will get bored, they will loose energy, they will question the techniques presented. None of this happened. Instead we picked approach after approach (some familiar to a few people in the room, some completely new) and applied it to the same scenario discovering fresh and valuable insights with every single one. The key insights were nicely captured in our Aha wall. Personally I also found it a great opportunity to improve my understanding of some of the techniques (you might have noticed I very much believe in learning through teaching) and to pick up valuable hints on facilitation from Oana.

I know Yves will continue to promote this great new format, I know I want to continue supporting it. If you spot the next one near you, don’t hesitate to join in and I will be looking for opportunities to facilitate one again. It was great, intense fun.

Coach Retreat London