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Marcin Floryan

Hi, my name is Marcin Floryan; I come from Poland and currently live in the UK. I studied medical electronic engineering but long before I got my masters I have already been working as a software developer and it stuck. I have probably been doing it for well over x0F years now. Much later I realised that my approach often followed the principles of the Agile Manifesto.

Today I still continue to learn to develop better software and to develop software better. I also help others do it.

I enjoy working both with people and with code always striving to see the whole. I embrace values of eXtreme programming and aim to delight customers by delivering value. Others say I have a relentless curiosity and determination to improve my knowledge and skills. I say I learn and work with alacrity.

Recently I’m also trying to understand and learn how to handle difficult conversations better; and I’m curious to understand how cognitive biases affect our actions and what should we do about it.

I like to share my passion and enthusiasm by speaking publicly to communities small and large and occasionally scribbling some thoughts here on my blog.

You will also find me on twitter as @mfloryan and on other social media platforms.

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